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Q: Are they breakable?/How sturdy are they?

A: They are breakable but not fragile. We anneal (a tempering process done in a kiln) all of our beads and sculptures for stregnth. The beads/sculptures themselves should never break to the core. Rough treatment may result in the loss of a detail (such as ears or toes). Do remember they are glass, strong glass, but glass none-the-less.


Q: How long do they take to make?

A: 10 years. The sculpture time per piece varies between 20 minutes and up to an hour and a half. At times this could be both of us working on one piece for that length of time. They are then annealed in the kiln for 7 hours. To get to this skill level of glass work we have been working and training obsessively for 10 years.


Q: Do you do commissions/custom orders?

A: No, sorry! We cannot do custom work any longer due to our intense show and production schedule except for Patreon patrons (details here).


Q: Do you do wholesale?

A: Yes! For purchase minimums and other details, shoot us an email.